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Update: 11/9/2019 ** 1 Male Suddenly Available!  Photos below. **

We suddenly have one male pup available from this wonderful litter.  The family that had this boy reserved had a family issue and was not able to take him home.  He will be 8 weeks on Monday.  All the puppy photos are of this pup.  We have been able to spend a lot of time with him.  What a sweet and fun personality he has!  See photos below.  All the puppy photos below are of this sweet boy!

Litter Born 9/16/19

We are now accepting deposits for a litter between Clancy and Piper.  Clancy of course is our big lover.  He is stunning to look at but an absolute gentle giant.  While Piper has that amazing Chessie coat and sweet beautiful face...and yes, she soes smile. Pups will probably end up being good size.  They will have fun personalities and make good hunters for the bird dog enthusiast. 

Desert Winds "Mix'N It Up"

DM Normal

Desert Winds Ruger

DM Normal

Clancy Pedigree

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